Made on Earth Games is a mobile game
development company founded in 2022.

Our objective is to combine high quality art, deep creative gameplay and modern technologies. We want to deliver an amazing game experience to mobile devices across the world.

At Made on Earth Games all team members have a unique chance to contribute to the final product and the whole company.

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We value both hard and soft skills.
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We are backed by leading venture capital funds

We try to make decisions together.
We welcome ideas.
We share the success that we have to earn together.
We target at best possible quality.
  • eXplore
  • eXpand
  • eXploit
  • eXterminate
  • eXperienced team
  • eXcellent atmosphere
  • eXemplary quality
  • eXceptional values

Our game

We’re gamers. The same time we’re game-development professionals. That is why we make an exceptional 4x strategy game we’d love to play.

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Where we are?

We are an international company with HQ in the USA and offices in Cyprus and Uzbekistan.